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I believe I have unique qualifications for City Council. As a homeowner and cofounder of a local business, my MBA coupled with my occupation as a research biologist offers a valuable toolset with which I can work towards a better future for El Cerrito.


I currently serve as chair of the El Cerrito Financial Advisory Board, which recommends the Cityís budget and reviews its investment portfolio.† Over my past four years on the Board, the City has benefited from several improvements: El Cerrito Plaza prospers, City Hall nears completion, our streets are being repaired, and there is improved communication between the city and the residents.


While I endorse the Councilís priorities of quality services, infrastructure investment, and environmental leadership, more action needs to be taken.† I will strive to both maintain our cityís progress and share my vision for El Cerrito.


We need to focus spending on infrastructure investment as part of a well-managed and fiscally responsible government.† The Council should uphold the Cityís 1991 Policy on Fiscal Responsibility, which limits irresponsible indebtedness.† With your support I will work towards a solution for the Cerrito Theaterís financial problems, restore funding to neighborhood parks, and identify funding sources to improve the library and senior center.


We can do more to create a safer community. Letís create a system to better report crimes on our streets and in our schools, so that we can respond in a timely manner.† A comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan should be implemented and incentives created to encourage emergency personnel to work locally.


Letís encourage an inclusive government that serves a sustainable community.† Our volunteer Boards and Commissions should provide annual reports to the council.† The City should encourage private investment in solar power and sewer line repairs.† We can expand recycling efforts and reduce the use of our landfills.


Please help me be your voice for City Council.†


Thank you.

Committee to Elect David Boisvert

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Davidís published candidate statement

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