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Committee to Elect David Boisvert

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El Cerrito Democratic Club Speech

August 26, 2008


Good evening and thank you for coming.


My name is David Boisvert and I’ve served nearly 4 years on the El Cerrito Financial Advisory Board, and this year its chairman.


A passion of mine is personal finance, but in recent years, and especially after getting my MBA, I like to work on more complex budgets like for the city and for the company I helped found 5 years ago.


I am a progressive Democrat and understand that the importance of providing services at a reasonable cost.  Although I am progressive, I also care about how our money is spent.  If you want to get the most for your money, I am your candidate!


I understand the importance of a balanced budget.  But as we can see from our neighbors to the north, a balanced budget if not done properly can bring a city to Bankruptcy.  Over the past 4 years while working for you, I have adhered to the 1991 City Council’s pledge to use debt wisely, so I have opposed leasing fire trucks and most recently I opposed $11 million in bonds to pay for routine maintenance.


Borrowing money is expensive and it can get you into trouble down the road.  Every council since 1991 until recently appreciated that fact, but now we are going down a road of borrowing to pay for basic city services like keeping our streets repaired.


Being a progressive Democrat means we should be fiscally responsible.


Let me give you an example.

I supported the recent half-cent sales tax to pay for our streets that we passed overwhelmingly.  With that money we could have completed initial street repairs as planned with no additional debt.  Little did most voters realize that when they voted for the half-cent sales tax, that also allowed the city to use a 30 year bond to pay for streets that have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years.


So what else isn’t right with that, you ask yourself?  Well, the cost of borrowing to fix our streets now costs us about $400,000 per year in interest payments alone.  Is that acceptable at a time when the funding to our parks is getting cut?  Did you know that for the past two years funding to our parks has been getting cut?  If we paid for our roads with the sales tax revenue, we could have Doubled the funding to our parks!  This is not creative accounting – this is doing what is right before a problem “happens.”   Every time you see a pothole, remember we can do what is right.  Think about our parks, think about their funding cuts, and think that we can do what is right.


I want you to know that I am committed to our community.  I ran for City Council in 2006 against two incumbents, and I am back in 2008 to reach out to the community again.  I am not a political insider, so I will continue with my leadership to provide services and to spend our money more wisely.


I am a member of the EC Democratic Club, I am a member of the El Cerrito Chamber of Commerce, and I am a Friend of the El Cerrito Theatre.


When you endorse a candidate tonight, ask yourself, Do you want a Candidate that will represent you and spend more of your tax dollars to preserve city Parks and other city services?


And again, on Election Day, ask yourself which candidate up here tonight, when elected, will represents YOUR interests in preserving our city and making it even better.


Please review my literature for additional objectives.  Visit my website at ForElCerrito.com.  Please contact me.  I would like to hear your concerns.


Thank you.

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