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Committee to Elect David Boisvert

Copyright © 2008, Campaign ID No. 1289338

David wants City Council to work for you!


“The Council should do more to promote quality services, environmental leadership, and infrastructure investment!”


Through his experience on the El Cerrito Financial Advisory Board David promoted:

· Building a city hall that meets the city’s needs

· Solutions for a vibrant and fiscally sound El Cerrito Theater

· Enhancing the city’s website and email to better serve the community

· More funding for our City parks and greenways

· Increasing the number of federal and state grants for local projects

· A smart and diversified civic investment portfolio

· Expanding recreational programs in our community

· Fixing our streets and keeping them in good repair


David owns a home in El Cerrito and values a government that works in concert with the residents

· City government should promote private investment and small businesses

· Prioritize spending to fund our essential community programs and services

· Allow time for community input on non-public negotiations to increase transparency of City decisions

· Continue to improve communication between the City and its residents

· Promote fiscal responsibility by limiting irresponsible indebtedness

· Give a stronger voice to our volunteer board members and commissioners.

· Ensure that our community's needs are well funded before subsidizing huge new high-density developments.  Invest our redevelopment dollars on our existing streets, public-owned buildings, accessibility needs, utilities, a permanent farmers’ market, and the Ohlone Greenway Park.

· Support term limits to encourage new ideas


As a research biologist he understands the importance of a clean environment.  We should strive to implement Green Policies and set ambitious goals

· Provide financial incentives for residents and businesses to go green

· Reduce the use of printed materials to save trees (and money)

· Continue to improve the local Recycling Drop-Off Center and coordinate a more effective regional recycling effort. 

· Establish a safe curbside method for residential disposal of compact fluorescent light bulbs and small batteries

· Implement the Urban Forest Plan to restore native plants and animals while reducing fire, wind and landslide hazards

· Ensure that our playgrounds and ball fields are safe from dangerous emissions and hazards

· Aggressively fight the use of unsafe aerial spraying in El Cerrito

· Beautify our neighborhoods by keeping city areas clean, minimizing light and noise pollution, projecting our views, and repairing hazards


Thriving neighborhoods are essential for a healthy and safe community, so let’s work toward making El Cerrito even greater

· Modernize and expand library services to bring the facility into the 21st century

· Develop a plan for a vibrant community of senior housing with an adjacent senior center

· Create and implement a City-wide disaster preparedness and recovery plan

· Work with the school board to expand successful recreational programs, child care, and after-school study spaces

· Implement an emergency notification system to better report crimes on our streets and in our schools to enhance community awareness

· Make our neighborhoods safer by providing housing incentives to El Cerrito emergency fire and police personnel to live locally

· Establish facilities for a permanent El Cerrito farmers market


David cares about our City and stays involved

· Board member of the El Cerrito Financial Advisory Board since 2005

· Friend of the El Cerrito Theater

· Member of the El Cerrito Democratic Club

· Member of the El Cerrito Chamber of Commerce

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