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Committee to Elect David Boisvert

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I have lived in El Cerrito since buying my home seven years ago on Moeser Lane.  While born and raised in Manchester, Connecticut, I fell in love with the El Cerrito during my first visit to the bay area in 1996.


Following graduation from Manchester High School in 1986, I studied at the University of Connecticut and earned a BS in Molecular and Cell Biology with honors. 


After working for two years as a lab technician, in 1992 I went on to study genetics and biochemistry at Yale University.  I earned my PhD in 1997 and moved to the Bay Area to continue my studies at UC Berkeley.


Along with purchasing my El Cerrito home in 2001, I began to work at Bayer (Berkeley) as a manager of protein engineering, where I worked at designing drugs for asthma, cancer, and diabetes.  It was during this time that I began to study Business Administration with the University of Phoenix, which in 2004 culminated with an MBA in Global Management. 


Also in 2004, the City Council appointed me to the El Cerrito Financial Advisory Board (FAB).† The FAB reviews the proposed annual budget and long-term financial plan for the City, assists the City Council in making decisions on major expenditures, and makes recommendations on all proposed bonds.


Moreover, I helped found Aerovance, a biotech company located in Berkeley, where I continue to work today.


In addition to being the Chairperson of the El Cerrito Financial Advisory Board,† I am a member of the El Cerrito Chamber of Commerce.† I am member of the El Cerrito Democratic Club, and I am a Friend of the El Cerrito Theater.


I have experience working with the city.  I know what it takes to ensure that residents have the city services they need, and understands the importance to invest in the future of El Cerrito.

Davidís biography

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